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Port O'Connor Fly Fishing | Migratory Tarpon | JM Flyfishing
Port O'Connor Fly Fishing | Tarpon Guide | JM Flyfishing

Port O’Connor Fly Fishing
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Rates | Port O’Connor

  • $600: Extended Day Trip Only (6 Hours)

All prices are for 1-2 anglers.

Need multiple guides? No problem! JM Flyfishing has partnered up with the best local guides in the area and can easily accommodate your next group outing.

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Recommendations | Equipment

  • 10-12wt setups
  • reels capable of holding 200yds of 30lb backing
  • tarpon specific floating, intermediate and sink-tip lines
  • 20lb custom leaders
  • size #2/0-5/0 flies

Recommendations | Season

  • Late Summer (July | August | September)

Want the best opportunity of the year to catch a Texas tarpon on fly? Fish the late summer! As air and water temperatures reach their maximums for the year, migratory tarpon move in close to shore and offer anglers sporadic opportunities at some of the largest in the Gulf.